Volunteers at the Kremlin ceremonial ball
THE PROGRAM'S VOLUNTEERS are organizations and individuals who provide permanent or one-time support for the Program and its activities free of charge.

volunteers of the program can be those who:

  • Collects and verifies data on the first coaches of the Champions, sending them to the Organizing Committee of the program.

  • Collects journalistic information, photo and video material about the life and work of the first coaches of the Champions and sends the collected material to the Ogrkomitet of the Program for further use in the press and other materials that serve to promote the Program.

  • Provides assistance in organizing and conducting Program events in the regions (the form of assistance is discussed with the organizing Committee of events)

  • By virtue of his capabilities connects the Program with regional sports federations and communities, helping to implement the Program's objectives in a specific region of the Russian Federation.

  • Communicates with sports federations and sports authorities in the CIS countries and former Soviet republics in order to identify the first coaches of those athletes who received their championship titles before the collapse of the Soviet Union.