Such a partnership may involve various forms of cooperation. The main ones are cooperation in the field of providing preferential conditions for the Program's ceremonies and including our ceremonies in the scenario of our own large VIP event. We have been and are being assisted in this by:

Active promotion of the Program at various Russian and international representative forums is also a form of organizational partnership. Our permanent official partners in this regard are:

Partnership with the Program allows you to add a significant social component to various VIP events, attract additional positive press attention, and give an additional image to the activities of an organization that is interested in the development of Russian sports, youth education, and national health.


Partners of the Program activities are organizations and individuals who provide financial assistance in their implementation, who take on financial or barter coverage of a particular block of one or more Program activities.

  • event partner payment of expenses for organizing and holding the event, including security, maintenance, rental of premises, decoration of halls, etc.

  • partner of the cultural program payment for performers ' work during the concert program of the ceremony / ceremonies. In agreement with the organizing Committee, it is possible to provide performers with concert numbers, sound and lighting equipment, etc.on a free basis, or to pay for performances of invited stars and rent of such equipment.

  • banquet / buffet partner provision of Banquet and buffet menu dishes, catering, as well as alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages free of charge.

  • transport, accommodation and communications partner (when working in regions) - provision of transport facilities, hotel rooms, mobile communications for the work of the organizing Committee free of charge, or covering expenses for these purposes.

    In agreement with the organizing Committee of the program, other forms of partnership are possible we are always open to your suggestions.
  • Many sports federations of the Russian Federation have become our partners in nominating their nominees for the Program award. The partnership of the sports Federation in the Program facilitates the work Of the expert Council of the Program, speeds up the process of verifying the data of nominees, and provides a more complete coverage of coaches.
    At the same time, the Federation itself does not bear any costs at the award ceremony. The assignment of additional prizes, certificates, diplomas and other forms of encouragement for nominees from federations is welcome, but is not a mandatory component of cooperation.

    We are always open for any new partnership!