The Program's Organizing Committee consists of people who have extensive experience in sports work, organizing and conducting sports and social events, and who have a practical ability to create and support complex social projects.

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    Registeres concept of the Program
    "First Coach of a Champion" (PDF)

    Copyright registered on 06.06.2012

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  • Letter from State Duma Committee on education and science
  • Letter from Assembly of Peoples of Russia
  • Letter from International Alliance of Strategic Projects OF BRICS
  • Letter from International association of kickboxing IAKSA-IAKSA PRO


    1. The development of sports in modern Russia, in addition to strengthening the material base and building modern sports facilities, requires increased attention to the work of primary coaches in all sports from Olympic to national, mass and professional.

    Only the work of coaches "on the ground" can restore the "bench of reserve players" that existed in the USSR to give the highest-performance sport the opportunity to choose from a large number of talented young athletes promising candidates for the title of world, European, University, Olympic and World Games Champions.

    2. The established usual practice of encouraging coaches gives awards and regalia to those who directly bring the future champion to the winning platform. At the same time, the coach who once noticed and started the first steps of a talented child to future victories is not encouraged in any way-having passed his pet into the hands of a more qualified coach, he remains unnoticed, although it is his work that ensures the initial selection of talents from the mass of children who come to their first gym.

    3. It is important to remember that in addition to this selection, the first coach also carries out difficult sometimes selfless work to promote sports, healthy lifestyles and social adaptation among young people in their region. This work is a practical matter for implementing programs to improve the nation's health, reduce the statistics of criminal and anti-social phenomena, and prevent the use of alcohol and drugs by young people.

    4. Those sports in which much attention is paid to the work of primary-level coaches still bring Russia permanent victories in world Championships. Unfortunately, we are mainly talking about non-Olympic sports, national and professional sports. At the same time, more "prestigious" sports face problems of lack of talented athletes, which leads to an increased risk of doping and other abuse. To solve this problem can only strengthen the coaching on the field..

    5. Given the above, our public charity initiative is designed to identify and reward coaches who helped future Champions take their first steps to the world podium.

    The program makes every effort to ensure that the prestige of the work of primary-level coaches grows both in their places of permanent residence and in Russia as a whole.


    1. In the very beginning the ideology and provisions of the program were developed and proposed by Alexander Asmanov during his work as Deputy Chairman of the Union of national and non-Olympic sports of Russia (SNNVSR) in 2010.

    Since then, the program has passed the expertise of specialists and was approved by:
  • Russian Olympic Committee
  • RF Union of National and Nonolympic kinds of sport
  • Committee on phisical culture, sport, tourism and youth affairs of RF State Duma
  • Committee on education of the state Duma of the Russian Federation
  • Ministry of sports of the Russian Federation
  • Assembly of peoples of Russia
  • Russian state University of physical culture, sports, youth and tourism
  • Heads of sports federations of Olympic, non-Olympic and national sports

    2. The copyright for the Program was registered in 2012. From this moment the rights for organization of its events is delegated to various charitable foundations and public organizations in Russia.

    3. NCF "Russian Assemblies" conducts the program "First Coach of a Champion" on the basis of officially delegated rights (agreement on delegation of rights No. 011-2020 of 03.03.2020)..